Saturday, March 12, 2011

: Sleepless After Seattle :

Just got home yesterday from my two weeks in Seattle for the recording of my next record. Can't believe the weeks went by so quickly!

The first few days were spent recording the scratch tracks for guitar, piano, and vocals. And we built upon the songs from there! It was so crazy to literally HEAR my dreams coming true.

The guys I worked with were such a blessing. Got to know them and their families well, considering the short time I was there. I think God was just allowing me to get to know people in this business so I have a better idea what to expect in the future. They were so welcoming, and were great to show me around Seattle. I ate every possible type of Asian food known to man, and eventually took a break from that for some clam chowder. I got the full Washington experience, apparently. Haha.

My producer, Brandon Bee, is also an artist. You should totally check out his website. He is on fire for Jesus, and is just an inspiration. His wife and 5 kids are wonderful too. God bless them all. He and his band just left for a 5 weeks tour. If he is in your area, you would be blessed by stopping by one of their shows. Here is his website:

I'm happy to be home, even though it's only for alittle while. My Texas/Oklahoma tour will start before I know it. I've got alot of work and several shows to do before I leave, and I'm looking forward to seeing my Seattle friends when they stop in Wisconsin during their tour!

God is good, and His mercy endures forever. He blesses us through our doubt and stubbornness. His jealous love follows us even when we try to run. He is never ceasing in His pursuit of all that we are.

That is my God. AMEN.