Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Thing Remains

Well, I've made it! I'm all moved into my apartment here in Texas, and let's just say, I moved at the perfect time. I called home yesterday and found out that Wisconsin has gotten quite a bit of snow. I'm happy to report that today in Texas, it was sunny and 65 degrees. BEAUTIFUL.

My family left last Monday after driving with me all the way here to help with the moving process. Not 6 hours after they left, I was driving down the highway when I was hit by a semi. I'll hurry up and tell you that I wasn't hurt physically (except being sore for a few days), and that the truck driver wasn't either, but I cant say the same thing for my little VW Jetta. She took quite the beating, and will be in the shop for the next few weeks.

When this happened, I was immediately discouraged. How quickly our attitudes are changed by circumstances. I took this as a sign that I did the wrong thing, and began to question all that I thought I had seen God doing. But, can I just be a testimony of God's grace and love? He has continued to drown my heart in peace. There are definitely moments where I'm scared or question or begin to worry, but it never fails that I hear His voice in my ear saying, "This is what I've asked of you. GO. Walk in this with boldness."

And I've been doing just that. In my flesh, I am so weak, and He has brought that to the light. But, with the constant reminder that I serve a God who gave His Son that I might be redeemed and serve Him....well, let's just say I'm in good hands.

Thank you to those who have lifted me up in prayer.
What a blessing the Church is. Amen!

One thing remains,
Your love never fails,
It never gives up,
It never runs out on me.