Thursday, February 3, 2011

: My Own Seventh Day :

Today was my own "seventh day". I rested.

If you can call hanging out at the mall all day with my mother resting.

While it might not sound relaxing to some, it was a much needed break from the phone calls, emails, and life changing decisions that seem to follow me every where I go these days.

Never thought I'd need a lesson in this area, but God is definitely teaching me about rest. And even more than rest itself, He is teaching me about peace of mind. Just taking time to sit down and ponder and marvel at the things in life that truly matter. What matters to me right now is first, knowing Christ better and second, enjoying my family. I was able to rest in both of those luxuries today.

So, take my advice; it's from personal experience! Taking the time to sit still can often improve the moments when you need to go do.

Even God said the seventh day was good.

Much love,

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